Google’s Recent Controversy: A Perfect Example of Bad Ads

Google is facing intense criticism this week for a blunder in its Alphabet Inc. division. The renowned tech company came under fire for its automated advertising platform, which ran ads for reputable brands next to hateful, offensive content.

After finding their ads attached to derogatory content (such as pro-terrorism and anti-Semitic videos), many well-known businesses quickly pulled all adverts from Google’s network. Among the climbing number of firms boycotting Google’s service are corporate giants like Toyota and Volkswagen.  

Google is scrambling to respond to the critics by giving clients a higher degree of control over ad placement. The tech giant’s CBO, Philipp Schindler, explained the plan to remedy the situation in an apologetic blog post.

"We know advertisers don’t want their ads next to content that doesn’t align with their values. So starting today, we’re taking a tougher stance on hateful, offensive, and derogatory content.”

The post also details Google’s intention to review the guidelines on what content is allowed on YouTube. This debacle perfectly encapsulates the issue with the way ads work today. Problems like these have a negative impact on all parties involved.



Taylor Ross