Facebook the Latest Big Name Publisher to Remove Bad Ads

In addition to Google’s recent announcement of its campaign to eliminate bad ads, Facebook has just released that it plans to remove fake news from user’s feeds.

In the past, the trending topics algorithm showed users any article that had been widely re-shared and discussed on the site. The problem was that unreliable sources were being featured as top stories while valid articles got diluted to the bottom. Facebook will now only display articles that have been published by multiple credible sources.

Now each Facebook user will see the same trending topics based on the country they are in. Previously, trending topics were personalized to users based off of their personal beliefs. This caused backlash as like-minded users continued to share and discuss fake news that confirmed their view. Facebook hopes this change will bring back credibility to their information sources.

Between last year’s ad fraud scandal and backlash against fake news, Facebook remains under a watchful eye. Hopefully changes to their current site can maintain this powerhouse’s reputation and will keep up a user-friendly site.

Source: https://www.wsj.com/articles/facebook-moves-to-curtail-fake-news-on-trending-feature-1485367200

Frankie Mesones