Brands Will Have to Rethink How They Advertise To Gen Z

As the advertising climate changes, brands will need to be strategic in their advertising efforts to young consumers. In a new study conducted by PageFair in 2016, it is revealed that Gen Z consumers (aged 16-19) will be the hardest market to advertise to. This can be accredited to limited attention span as well as rising trends of blocking software.

The study found that Gen Z is 19% more likely to skip and/or avoid ads compared to other age groups. PageFair’s study also states that, on average, this demographic skips ads three seconds earlier and greatly dislike advertisements without a skipping feature.  

The report comments on these trends stating, “People who work in the marketing industry are tech-savvy, but experts from earlier generations are now faced with this new group of consumers are more technologically advanced.”

To combat this, advertisers should try to appeal to this age group by creating amusing content that is under 10 seconds.  The goal is for brands to create ads containing a humorous storyline to attract enough attention for consumers to stop and watch.




Frankie Mesones