Are Mobile Ads Useful for Marketers?

Two-thirds of marketers see no point in utilizing mobile advertising. This is a result of the difficulty in tracking ROI on mobile platforms. Could these marketers be missing the benefits of using mobile ads? Thomas Husson of Forrester explains that marketers are not measuring data correctly and are missing the offline mobile opportunity.

He believes marketers are focusing too much on total clicks when they should be focusing on brand growth and consumer loyalty.  

“Too many of them have a narrow-minded approach of mobile as a channel, instead of thinking of how mobile can help develop brand awareness, improve the customer experience – offline and online- and increase sales,” Husson said.

Marketers may want to consider a rewards-based approach to find ROI. A rewards-based approach is able to determine how much a company needs to sell to breakeven and can easily track profits. This makes the customer happy because they are getting a deal and may entice them to come back.



Frankie Mesones