Facebook Wants to Dominate Your Living Room

With the recent popularity of the “set-top box” (i.e. Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Playstation, etc.), Facebook is now the latest entity to fiddle its way into your living room. Reports from The Wall Street Journal indicate that the social media mogul is hard at work on an app for these streaming devices.

This news supports the rumors that Facebook has been chasing down media producers in an effort to pump out network-quality programing and video content. These partnerships would result in Facebook-produced content covering sports, game shows, and licensed shows. Twitter released its set-top box app this fall and live-streamed events such as NFL Thursday Football and presidential debates.

Facebook’s recent investment in video-based content also shows a clear desire to dominate the market. The addition of more robust video features on Facebook’s Instagram platform and the recent introduction of “Facebook Live” imply this strong priority.

Among the many reasons for chasing this market, advertising seems to be a primary goal. Facebook can reap the benefits of television-styled ads, which produce more cash than the typical “News Feed” ads. Unfortunately, this strategy also indicates the possibility of more frequent ads throughout the video content users currently consume.







Taylor Ross