Why meCommerce Matters

Why do companies advertise? Short answer: to sell stuff.

Unfortunately, today’s online ads do a poor job of selling stuff because a critical piece of technology is missing. We call that missing piece “meCommerce.”

Ads Without meCommerce

Consumers ignore or block online ads because most ads today don’t offer any value to the consumer. So, consumers disengage from ads altogether. Engagement is a function of:

  • Value

  • Personalization

  • Trust

Most ads today aren’t valuable, personalized or trusted by consumers. It’s no surprise that engagement is low.

Ads With meCommerce

Bixy’s approach begins with value for the consumer. We give our users rewards because people want to save money. Users personalize their accounts by adding their shopping interests and favorite brands. Then, when they see personalized rewards and ads powered by Bixy around the web, they engage with the ads because they trust Bixy. Bixy isn’t tracking people in creepy or confusing ways; users are simply providing their interests and we’re providing valuable recommendations.

meCommerce Reframes Advertising

By 2020, online ads will be awesome because consumers will finally be in charge and will regularly use ads to make purchases. This helps consumers AND businesses. So why do we have to wait until 2020? We don’t. Sign up for Bixy and you’ll help us speed this up. For the next several years, we’ll be adding every business—local and national—to the Bixy platform. As our consumer and business audiences grow in parallel, meCommerce will build momentum and Bixy will get better and better.

Help Us Grow & We All Win

Are you a:

  • Consumer? Please download the app.

  • Advertiser or Publisher? Please get in touch with us:  sales@bixy.com.

  • Product Guru? We’re always interested in ideas for new features. Email us (info@bixy.com) or hit us up on Twitter @teambixy.

Thanks for helping us create a Better Internet eXperience for You.

G.J. Melia