The Future of Adtech: Innovation vs “BadTech”

In an industry with widespread fraud and an abundance of “badtech” companies, the writing's on the wall for “me-too” ad tech vendors. For years advertising companies reaped the benefits from a basic lack of transparency and understanding of how the “tech” works from ad tech companies. Recent increases in the standards of transparency and performance makes the process of separating the bad companies from the good even easier.

The success rate for advertisements is now more closely analyzed with measurement tools that weed out non-human views, and show how legitimate views impact sales performance. These measures and standards are now carving out a path for innovative ad tech companies that actually commit to creating value. The founder of Nativo, Justin Choi, details the future for advertisers with positive business practices in a recent TechCrunch article:

"Adtech is a massive category, and those paying attention know that change and innovation is happening in the space more so than ever. That innovation is creating real value and is separating the winners from the also-rans. The big crunch that is coming will leave the shining stars intact and help them shine even brighter. Just watch."

Clearly, phoning in an advertising campaign through fabrication isn’t going to cut it for ad tech vendors. Businesses and their marketers expect real results. Shedding some of the dead weight within the ad tech industry is necessary in an effort to make advertisements useful for the consumer.