The Evolution of eCommerce: MeCommerce

Defining MeCommerce

For years electronic commerce (commonly stylized as Ecommerce, eCommerce, or e-commerce) dominated the business models for retailers in all sectors of business, including B2B, B2C, C2C, and C2B. Companies sell nearly every type of product or service through an ecommerce platform. Selling through electronic outlets allowed businesses to gain a higher degree of brand awareness while increasing distribution efficiency and decreasing costs.

In 2016, participating in eCommerce is an expectation for all businesses. Simply selling your product or service online no longer provides much of an advantage over competitors. The new trend disrupting the marketplace is personalization. This trend of providing a relevant, tailored, and customizable digital experience introduces the concept of “MeCommerce.” Tech journalist Dominic Stinton,defines this innovation in an article in Digital Marketing Magazine:

“MeCommerce has a clear aspiration: to ensure that customers are pampered individually through bespoke and personal one-to-one relationships and experiences, making them both engage in a brand’s values, while feeling a unique part of the brand’s world.”

The Future of Bixy

At Bixy our purpose is handing over control to the consumer and providing a customized online experience through our consumer-friendly platform. We aim to create a comprehensive, all-in-one service.  

Advertising can and should be beneficial to consumers, not an annoyance they should constantly avoid. We can give the consumers the power to choose what products they want to view, so they are not constantly bombarded with irrelevant and ineffective advertisements. At Bixy, we strive to create content that consumers are happy to see, not forced to see.