Retail Websites Taking Dangerous Paths As They Follow Publishers Footsteps

E-Commerce sites are heavily increasing ad content to allow retailers to capture more data on their site's visitors. It appears retail sites deem themselves immune to publisher’s past backlash, including the rise of ad blockers and slower websites.

Chris Copeland, president at Yieldbot, commented on this trend saying:

"I think you can look at the retail sector as the latest version of the publishing community to go through this challenge. Retailers run the exact same risks as the rest of the publishing community, which is they sacrifice latency and speed in an attempt to better monetize. The challenge they are now getting into is one the core publishing industry went through the last two or three years, which is, 'What am I doing to speed? What am I doing to user experience?'"  

Retailers have been cashing in as many marketers attempt to reach online customers, in hopes that a consumer’s shopping behaviors will lead to sales of products as well. While an increase in ad tech revenue is a plus, retailers may start seeing revenue losses elsewhere.

In this day and age where speed is highly valued, retailers should keep in mind the resulting loss of customers, if the retailer’s site isn’t running quickly and efficiently. Consumers want a fast, uninterrupted online shopping experience and an increase in online ads may deter them from returning to these sites.