Apple iOS Users Opt Out of Ad Targeting

Many Apple consumers are taking advantage of their iOS Limited Ad Targeting (LAT) feature. This setting allows users to avoid an ID number known as the ‘Identifier for Advertising’ or IDFA making it difficult to be tracked.  

Ben Roodman, AppsFlyer director of partner development, North America, explains that IDFAs are unique to each device, therefore data can easily be collected on each user. The information is used by ad networks, retargeting providers and other media sources to create targeted ads in hopes to grab the user's attention.   

With iOS users abandoning IDFAs, tracking them will become increasingly harder, meaning marketers will struggle to find their target audience. In the U.S. twenty percent of users have already utilized LAT since its creation in 2012.  That number is expected to rise as Apple strengthened its latest version which enables users to avoid IDFAs as opposed to only resetting it.  

Apps will need to consider new ways to collect data from users, as they are making it clear they are not comfortable with their every move being tracked. Maybe it is about time we simply start asking consumers what they want instead of just guessing.