Ad Tech & Publishers: A Toxic Relationship

As more and more consumers gain access to mobile devices, marketplaces continue to become increasingly globalized and interconnected. Current trends in the tech industry result in a more universal online experience for the average consumer. With such rapid innovations, many content creators and publishers face difficulty trying to stay up to date. One major reason for this challenging process of adaptation is the relationship between traditional ad tech vendors and publishers.

In the early years of online platforms (i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), partnerships between ad tech companies and content creators generally provided a mutual benefit for both parties. Ad tech vendors provided a stream of revenue for publishers, and publishers provided content that allowed advertisers to reach an entirely new set of consumers.

Unfortunately for online publishers, the ever-changing landscape has forced a shift in power, allowing ad tech vendors to take advantage of their partnering publishers. The relationship between these two parties is becoming incredibly one-sided, allowing advertisers to capitalize on unethical agendas.

Without any strict standards to abide by, no obligation for transparency and practices that impede consumer privacy, the relationship between advertisers and publishers has reached a toxic level for the marketplace. Clearly, something needs to change if consumers want publishers to keep pumping out the content they love. Forcing advertisers to respect consumers and promote transparency would be a huge step in improving the online landscape.