Content Marketing May Want to Consider Taking Nomadic Approach

With recent chatter that the days of content marketing are coming to an end, advertising strategies may need to be reconsidered to keep up with consumers web surfing tendencies. The article, written by Kayvan Salmanpour, explains that people have become "vagabonds" who are not loyal to one sole media site, making them harder to be reached by advertisers. This does not stop brands from throwing content marketing at the consumer, wasting their time and money, because their target segment is not being reached.

Salmanpour says despite these things, content marketing can still make an impact on consumers. He suggests that brands need a nomadic mindset to make their ads impactful. As with a nomad, content should not have a concrete home. Content should continue to move and adapt to its ever-changing surroundings.

The way brands reach their consumers needs to change, but it is important that they do not lose their identity along the way. Today, too many brands have forgotten what differentiates their product from the competition, leaving them with an uncertain message that does not stand out to the consumers.  

The article mentions three keys to successful brand advertising by saying, “successful brands will have to inherit the traits of modern publishers:

  • Be authentic to your audience - plan around their needs and motivations to create trust.

  • Be agile - Test and learn; meet your audience on their ground, not yours.

  • Be focused - Don't be everything to everyone; success will be found with sub-cultures and niche audiences more than scaled plays.”

Once a brand determines who their audience is, what the audience wants to see from the brand and what message to share with their audience, they should find more success in their advertising.