Online Advertising Working Towards Transparency

Publishing Trade Body Digital Content Next (DNC) has announced it is launching an automated online ad marketplace called TrustX in the hopes of bringing transparency to online advertising. This presumably is in light of recent scandals, including Facebook overestimating key video metrics causing mistrust in ad buyers and marketers.  

The “ad exchange” gives marketers the opportunity to purchase ad space through 25 media giants. ESPN, NBC, ABC, Hearst and Condé Nast are just a few the article mentioned. While it’s unclear how much ad space these publishers will be making available, this is a step in the right direction. A higher-quality ad marketplace creates a stronger bond of trust between publishers and their viewers, which is what we all desire.

“TrustX’s mission to create a high-quality marketplace through transparency based on engagement and viewability is a much-needed evolution for the industry and a movement with which we are in full alignment,” Lisa Valentino of Condé Nast said.

DCN’s desire for transparency is something we can agree to as well. Better relationships between marketers and publishers are built on trust. TrustX will enable marketers to pay for ads that are actually being seen, which means the elimination of ads feeding on bot traffic. This all adds up to more trust between marketers and publishers.

While we certainly applaud DCN for using transparency to try to get past ad fraud, at Bixy we believe the best route is to put consumers in charge.

Our platform is far more effective in guaranteeing that marketer’s ads are reaching not only a real person, but also reaching the right person. By giving consumers rewards they want for brands they love, marketers have the ability to track return on advertising spend when consumers redeem rewards. With Bixy, marketers will not be left to guess if their ads are making an impression on a particular consumer.

DCN’s idea is beneficial to the future of ads, and it’s ideas like this that will get us closer to what we all want: more valuable ads.