The Model for Online Advertising is Broken

While this article focuses on the highlights of ad blocking, it also aligns with what we strive to achieve here at Bixy.

Tech Crunch writer, Vinay Mysore, discusses the uprising trend of ad blocking technology, declaring that publishers part of the advertising future will have to overcome the repercussions associated with significantly fewer ads.  

He implies that they have brought this upon themselves through unwarranted actions, explaining:

“The honest truth is that the prevailing model of digital advertising, of ubiquitous cheap ads, is a broken one. The incentives in this model have encouraged the worst behavior: publishers squeezing more and more ads into a cluttered space and marketers pointing to these masses of impressions and clicks as the sign of a job well done. Ads that aren’t viewable, bot-generated clicks, phantom ads across the internet, video ads that aren’t seen or heard or both: These are all symptoms of a business model that rewards quantity over quality.”

In today’s current advertising climate, many online publishers have it all wrong. Instead of creating unique and relatable ads for consumers, they track your every movement and nuke you with ads for things you’ve already seen. This is setting up online ads to fail and for people to block them.

With Bixy, the number one priority is getting consumers quality, accurate and relevant ads modeled after the consumer’s specific interests. This relates to Mysore’s point:

“Advertisers will need to develop higher-quality ads and will have the budget to support it given the cost of the medium. And consumers get higher-quality ads while also avoiding the barrage of bargain-quality banners they hate so much.”

We all hate the constant onslaught of worthless, annoying ads. Bixy puts you in control of the ads you see, giving you the power to get rid of ads that terrorize your daily internet use.