Bixy Provides a Solution to Ad Blocking

With ads ever-more prevalent and third party websites tracking your ad history, there’s good reason why consumers go to great lengths to avoid ads. With new ad blocking technology in place, it can give a consumer using the ad blockers a certain level of security.

A 2015 Tech Crunch article explains some reasoning behind ad blocking in this passage:

“PageFair says it surveyed 400 people in the United States and that found the number one reason they use ad blockers, or would use ad blockers, is, “If I feel my personal data is being misused to personalize the ads” (though PageFair also says ad` quantity was the most common complaint among millennials).”

When you think about it, it makes sense. Any reasonable person would not want their personal information tracked and shot back at them frequently in the form of sider and pop-up ads. And ad blockers can provide some support. But they are not the end-all-be-all way to deal with spamming ads.

Our goal at Bixy is provide a solution to third party websites tracking your ad history and spamming you with ads you don’t want to see. Bixy solves this problem with giving the consumer control, instead of the third party websites. With Bixy, you pick the brands you want to see, and don’t have to worry about third party websites tracking your every more. Bixy also gives you personalized rewards from the brands you pick.

According to Page Fair and Adobe, ad blocking usage jumped by 60 million users worldwide, moving from 121 million to 181 million. One way advertisers have tried to move past ad blockers is through native advertising, which only one deceives the consumer and can be even more annoying than pop-up and sider ads. (You can find our full thoughts on native ads here.)

The point is, regardless of ad blockers, will have to deal with ads. Instead of being tricked into seeing these ads, a more viable solution is to taking control of your own branding interests and seeing what you want to see. You get that and more with Bixy.



G.J. MeliaAd Blockers, Security