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AD AGE: A Guide to Apple's Disabling of Facebook's Consumer Research App

“On the other hand, it's hard to tell if Facebook adhered to the strictest standards of disclosure, and how well-informed participants were. And Facebook already has been under a microscope for privacy and data-sharing issues, most notably the Cambridge Analytica scandal. There have also been questions raised about how Facebook handled user privacy and data, especially in its early days.”

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TIME: The Most Disturbing Thing About Facebook's Controversial Data Research Program

"But the most alarming element of Facebook’s research program was its inherently exploitative nature. By offering as paltry a sum as $20 to see nearly everything we’re doing on our smartphones, Facebook is, whether consciously or not, targeting the most desperate among us. Facebook users who make a comfortable wage are unlikely to see that deal as worth the trade-off.

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FORTUNE: Beware Big Tech's Data Privacy Doublespeak

"Is it any wonder the world is undergoing a crisis of trust? Data privacy disclosures ought to be crystal clear. There should be no uncertainty about how one’s data are being used or where they’re flowing. During her talk in Brussels, [IBM CEO Ginni] Rometty told the audience that consumers “have very little power against the dominant internet platform companies.” In the absence of informed consent, she’s right."

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