TECH TARGET: Personalization Technology Can Both Help, Hurt CX Strategy

“Personalization is something that consumers are asking for. Most consumers volunteer the data they provide companies and, in return, demand a more catered experience.

”According to Acquia's 2019 Customer Experience Trends Report, 61% of consumers feel that brands that should know them simply don't. Some 78% of consumers indicated they would be more loyal to brands that understand them through previous interactions. And nearly half of the global consumers surveyed said brands they engage with don't meet expectations for a good customer experience (CX)…

“Customers are looking for consent when dealing with personalized marketing. When customers initiate interactions and transfer data to your organization in order to market to them more effectively, then no problem. But no one likes to be blindsided by ads so well-targeted that they start to wonder whether a company is spying on them.”

Jesse Scardina, News Writer at Tech Target

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