no more bad ads.

Ads today are mostly irrelevant. We're fixing that.

Most of the ads consumers see online are irrelevant but it doesn't have to be this way. Consumers deserve to have control over their online ads and would benefit from being able to more easily receive updates from their favorite brands. Ads are here to stay; they should benefit consumers.

Relevance + Rewards

Bixy puts consumers in charge of their online ad experience.

  • Consumers select their shopping interests and favorite brands. These preferences automatically personalize consumers' rewards and online ads. This helps consumers save money and stay up-to-date on products they want to buy.

  • Advertisers reach the right audiences based on real purchase intent and boost their returns on advertising spend.

  • More effective ads help publishers boost their ad revenues.

The Birth of meCommerce

Better ads are only the beginning. We envision a future of commerce automatically powered by your shopping preferences. Bixy is building features at the intersection of rewards, ads, eCommerce, mobile wallet and a host of other technologies. We call this emerging market "meCommerce."

What now?

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