We give consumerS control over their data.

Bixy helps consumer control and monetize their shopping data. We call this approach "meCommerce."

Learn more in the video below. Recent disasters involving Experian, Facebook & Cambridge Analytica prove that the need for data privacy is crucial. We're fixing this.

What's the name mean?

Better Internet eXperience for You

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Why doesn't something like Bixy exist already?

The short story:  it’s easier to track people than provide them with value.

The longer story:

  • The solution involves many actors. Bixy creates a symbiotic relationship between advertisers (local & national brands + agencies), consumers, publishers and content creators. Figuring out this balancing act has taken us years, but it was worth the effort.

  • Ad technology giants chose not to prioritize consumer experience. They decided that tracking was easier and sufficient. It isn't. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has said if users were to opt-out of advertising, "That would be a paid product." Forcing users to choose between full-scale privacy invasion and a paid-only model is a failure of imagination. Put consumers first and you'll find the best answer.

When advertisers put consumers first, advertisers win.

Advertisers buy A LOT of "tracking" (3rd party) data today. In this new environment, advertisers need to ask for data sources provided with the explicit consent of consumers.

  • Explicit consent is when the user says: "I want to see ads from (brand X)." OR "I want to see ads in (category Y)."

  • Explicit consent is not when the user "agrees" to terms and conditions that require them to scroll.

Data provided by consumers is better.

When explicit consent is provided, the data is better! Performance and return on advertising spend go up. This decision to use a consumer-powered approach is both ethical and wise!

Reach and ROI aren't mutually exclusive.

Large advertisers need "reach" (i.e. access to hundreds of millions of consumers across the web). There are many ways to get reach (via demand side platforms, ad exchanges, etc) and advertisers buy data to help target those ad campaigns to consumers who will be receptive to the ads. However, the value of this data has been disputed by the largest advertiser in the world, Procter & Gamble.

P&G Cuts More Than $100 Million in ‘Largely Ineffective’ Digital Ads, Wall Street Journal - July 27, 2017

After cutting back on certain digital ads, "we didn’t see a reduction in the growth rate," said Mr. Moeller during the call. "What that tells me is that the spending we cut was largely ineffective."

P&G to Scale Back Targeted Facebook Ads, Wall Street Journal - Aug. 17, 2016

Procter & Gamble, the biggest advertising spender in the world, will move away from ads on Facebook that target specific consumers, concluding that the practice has limited effectiveness... P&G’s shift highlights the limits of such targeting for big brands, one of the cornerstones of Facebook’s ad business.

Consumers will GIVE ADVERTISERS better data in exchange for value.

What is value? That's the $200 billion question. At Bixy, we have our own answer to that (rewards in exchange for personalized ads; see our video above). Other startups and tech companies may have different answers, but this is really about a trade. Consumers want value and so do advertisers, so let's make a deal:

[Digital Natives] want to control their messaging. They also are easily incentivized. They expect to be rewarded for their loyalty, for their follows or likes. They want coupons. They want to be among the first to receive updates. They want to be included in a brand’s communications efforts.

Research Shows Millennials Don't Respond To Ads, Forbes - Apr. 28, 2015

The future is bright — IF — we work together.

Better ads are only the beginning. We envision a future of commerce automatically powered by your shopping preferences. Bixy is building features at the intersection of rewards, ads, eCommerce, mobile wallet and a host of other technologies. meCommerce is our answer. If you're an advertiser, publisher or tech company, we'd love to work with you to build a better Internet.

What's next?

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