no more bad ads.

Ads are irrelevant.

Consumers ignore or block ads because the ads they see are irrelevant. However, ads would actually be useful if they were personally relevant and rewarding. It's not just our opinion. Read the white paper by Verve Mobile:  "[Millennials and Gen Z] are willing to share their personal information their permission comes down to relevance and reward."

Relevance + Rewards

Bixy is a rewards platform that personalizes your rewards (coupons, loyalty, etc) and the ads you see across the web.

  • Consumers save money and eliminate bad ads.

  • Advertisers reach the right audience and boost their return on advertising spend.
  • Publishers boost their ad revenues.

The Birth of meCommerce

Better ads are only the beginning. We envision a future of commerce automatically powered by your shopping preferences. Bixy is building features at the intersection of rewards, ads, eCommerce, mobile wallet and a host of other technologies. We call this emerging market "meCommerce."

What now?

  • Our Android and iOS apps are live. Subscribe to our blog and we'll keep you updated on our latest developments.
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